Gawker Founder Files For Bankruptcy After Hulk Hogan Suit

hulk-hoganGawker Media founder Nick Denton filed Monday for personal bankruptcy protection in a bid to stop Hulk Hogan from seizing his assets in a multimillion-dollar sex tape judgment.

The office of the British internet entrepreneur, who controls a 68 percent stake in the news and entertainment website, confirmed the move to AFP. His lawyers gave no further details when asked to comment.

In March, a US jury in Florida ordered that wrestling star Hogan be allowed to collect $140 million in total compensation after Gawker published a tape of him having sex with a friend’s wife.

Gawker Media filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in June, also seeking to sidestep a shutdown over the jury’s verdict.

Denton estimated his assets at $10-15 million, according to a copy of his Chapter 11 individual bankruptcy filing published by Politico.

In a memo to staff, obtained by AFP, Denton appeared upbeat about the prospects of Gawker surviving.

After the company filed for bankruptcy, the embattled US media group said it had reached a deal to sell its media brands to publishing group Ziff Davis.

“We can be proud that we survived and prospered as an independent company for more than a decade, and have a second act ahead of us, under the shelter finally of a larger media company,” Denton wrote.

He slammed what he called a “personal vendetta” and called it “disturbing to live in a world in which a billionaire can bully journalists because he didn’t like the coverage,” Denton wrote in the memo to staff.

While Gawker has come under fire for its no-holds-barred approach to celebrity coverage, the case also raised questions about whether powerful interests can use their resources to silence media for unfavorable coverage.

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel acknowledged that he helped fund the litigation. He has feuded for years against Gawker since it “outed” him as a homosexual.

I Am Not Divorced –Mike Abdul

mike abdulMike Abdul is certainly one of the artistes that have revamped gospel music in Nigeria and he has endeared so many people to his heart.

However, since it was rumoured about three years ago that his marriage had hit the rocks, the young artiste had chosen not to talk about his status and based on that, so many took his silence for the truth.

But in a telephone chat with Saturday Beats, the Morire singer said that he was not divorced. He told Saturday Beats that it was a misconception for people to think he is legally free from his marriage.

“I have learnt not to comment on issues that border on my marriage. Initially when I started having bad press, I was not happy. I discovered that I was making those who wanted to make me sad, happy. It doesn’t make sense to give happiness, gladness and fulfilment to my enemies. I would like to correct a general notion; I am not divorced in anyway. I think it is people’s misconception; let us just leave it at that. People have their issues and it takes time to sort things out,” he said.

When probed on reconciliation talks with his estranged wife, the singer politely declined commenting on the matter anymore.

 “I don’t like to talk about my marriage and I would want to leave it at that,” he said.

But the singer beamed with excitement concerning his career and his new album, ‘Korede’, which according to him is doing very well in the market. He further told Saturday Beats how Korede Bello influenced his album title.

“The title of my new album is ‘Korede’ and it was influenced by a song, ‘Godwin’ by Korede Bello. I was at an event last year with the Midnight Crew where we  performed at someone’s birthday. After our performance, Korede Bello was next. I have always liked the song ‘Godwin’ because I feel that whatever you do in life, it is God that wins.  When I saw him, somehow that name Korede got stuck in my head. The next day when I was saying my prayers, no song could come to my mind, but the name Korede kept ringing in my head. The name means ‘To bring blessing’, and it is only God that brings blessing to someone’s life.

“I connected to his name knowing full well that God will bring my blessing especially with this album.   The funny thing is that I did not feature Korede Bello in the album but the only thing I did was to inform him that I was naming my album after him and he told me that it was very cool,” he said.

Halima Abubakar Under Attack Over Virginity Claims

halima abubakarHalima Abubakar ruffled the feathers of her fans last week when she declared that she is a virgin and cannot wait to have kids.  The 31-year-old curvy actress made this known on her Instagram page. Some of her fans have been pouring out their minds on her   revelation and   won’t buy her virginity claims. Halima Abubakar “I just found out you bleached your skin away which is very sad. You were natural before bleaching, now you look like a ghost. Hope you get help because you are sick in the head. May Allah forgive you” retorted one of her fans. Ted Cassanova added: “The good news is that I make beautiful babies!” A certain Olayinka puts it this way: “I remember you once said you don’t want to get married during one of your interviews. I was busy following your words. Now I have chased all the guys away. You can’t wait to have kids again?” Dane’s reaction was more direct: “Stop lying! The day someone who has slept with you comes out, your half-baked career is over. “Craze they worry her, she dated a married guy from UK few years back. I just no wan name the guy cause na my town guy” another fan revealed”. Halima Abubakar in the past has been romantically linked with rapper, Ruggedman.

I Don’t Believe In New Nollywood- Bolanle Ninalowo (Nino B)

Nino-BOLANLEAt a time when there is a growing debate about new and old Nollywood, fast-rising actor, Bolanle Ninalowo aka Nino B, has shared his thoughts on the issue.For those who don’t know, Old Nollywood is referred to as the era when low quality movies are churned out every other week, while New Nollywood are the big-budget cinema movies. Nino B says he doesn’t believe in that concept. According to him, “There would be no new Nollywood without old Nollywood, so I don’t believe in it. Some people paved the way for us, and they’re still there. They work hard, and we work hard as well. Nollywood is one.” Speaking on his hectic work schedule, he quipped, “Its just the grace of God that I’ve been featured in a lot of productions these days. It’s true that I work hard, but it’s all God.” On what he has learnt in the movie industry so far, he said, “Just believe in yourself, and keep doing what you do; that’s all.”

Stephen Keshi Laid To Rest

keshi_burialFormer Nigeria skipper and coach Stephen was laid to rest in his village of Ilah, southern Nigeria, Friday afternoon, but without the fanfare promised by the country’s government.

Keshi, 54, died on June 8 in Benin City.

However, it was not the state funeral that the Nigerian government first promised with oil-rich Delta State and his family organising his final passage beginning with a number of events on Thursday.

Nigerian sports minister Solomon Dalung said the government chose a low-key funeral because Keshi left behind a family that has to be catered for.

“I am not shocked by the way the government has treated this event,” said a disappointed ex-Nigeria captain and teammate of Keshi, Austin Eguavoen.

“For instance, most of us have yet to get the houses the government promised us when we won the Nations Cup in 1994.

“You are only energised when you have been looked after.

“You now wonder if Nigeria is worth fighting for or even dying for.”

Keshi’s son Femi blasted that the Federal Government failed on a promise of a state burial for his father.

“The federal government did not deliver on the promises they made to us as regards our father’s burial,” said Keshi junior.

Keshi made history in 2013, when he became only the second man after Mahmoud El Gohary of Egypt to win the Africa Cup of Nations both as a player and a coach.

‘Big Boss’ as he was fondly called will also be remembered as the man who spared off the exodus of Nigerian players to Belgium in the mid-80s when he signed for Anderlecht.


…The Nations

Mercy Johnson Betrays Kanayo O Kanayo In Episode 2 Of Glo’s Professor Johnbull

Cast-of-TV-series-ProfThe second episode of Professor Johnbull, the high-impact Globacom television sitcom, entitled Eliza My Daughter, last Tuesday  night treated viewers to a thought-provoking, yet hilarious entertainment. It ran on NTA Network, NTA International and Startimes by 8:30pm and showed how Mercy Johnson betrayed Kanayo O. Kanayo.. Eliza My Daughter opened with Professor Johnbull, the lead character played by the irrepressible Kanayo O Kanayo,   tending his garden while   a sonorous highlife song by Flavour, flowed from a nearby radio. As the Professor sighted his engineer son, Churchill (Junior Pope), he confronted him and sought to know who repaired his transistor radio and made it possible for him to enjoy the radio set once again. Churchill’s response that he was responsible for fixing the set, revived the recurrent   talk on which Profession Churchill should pursue.  “I am highly impressed with your genius in fixing gadgets”, Professor Johnbull announced again   as he tried to persuade his son to become a technician instead of becoming a musician. The erudite professor described music as “arrant balderdash”. Nevertheless, Churchill politely maintained his stance in the argument . While the dialogue proceeded, Elizabeth (played by Queen Nwokoye) rushed out of the main house, apparently ill, before help could reach her, she threw up. Professor Johnbull assumed that his undergraduate daughter was vomiting because she was pregnant. Leading to antagonism from her father who chased her into the house with her sibling and maid, “Caro”. After carrying out what he termed “optical examination and initial parental diagnosis” of checking the body temperature and eyes of Eliza for signs of pregnancy, Professor Johnbull secretly bought pregnancy test   strips from a local pharmaceutical shop, and enlisted the help of Caro as well as a medical doctor, to confirm his suspicion . Interestingly, in her characteristic illiterate manner, Caro gave the pregnancy testing strip to her lover boy, Olaniyi, the nkwobi seller, acted by Yomi Fash-Lanso, who turned the issue to a communal discussion involving Mai Doya and Samson, the “adjudicator” acted by the comedian, Ogus Baba to make Professor Johnbull a laughing stock.  However, at the end of the day, the pregnancy test produced   a negative result.


Mayowa: Toyin Aimakhu Quiet After Impulsive Reaction

Pulse-Toyin-Aimakhu-and-MayowaAfter helping to raise over N30 million for ill fan, Mayowa Ahmed and later purportedly denouncing it as scam actress Toyin Aimakhu has kept mum following the turn of events.

On Thursday, Linda Ikeji ‘s Blog, LIB, said people involved in raising money to raise money to save Mayowa reported to her that it was a scam.

According to the report, Mayowa’s condition was terminal and doctors at University of Lagos Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Idi Araba, Lagos, where Mayowa is on admission after being diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer had given up on her case. And the family was aware of this, yet they went ahead to raise funds for her treatment.

However, this has generated ruckus on the social space, involving Nollywood actress Toyin Aimakhu, who was a major force behind raising over N30 million. The actress who is set to launch ‘Teemoji,’ her line of emojis was also accused of leaking the news to LIB that Mayowa’s case is a fraud.

Youtube videos on Thursday showed the actress being accosted at LUTH by several persons accusing her of telling gossip blogger Linda Ikeji that Mayowa’s case is a fraud.

However, the actress in the video can be heard denying talking to Linda Ikeji.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, has ordered an investigation of the matter. And Ms Aramide Kasumu, founder of LIFESTAKE foundation and two of Mayowa’s relatives – Mr Iwaloye Seun and Mrs Zaneen Ahmed – were invited by the police on Friday to assist the investigation.  Investigation is also ongoing on the Access Bank account opened for the cause as well the management of the GoFund Me account.

On Thursday, the Chief Medical Director, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (CMD LUTH), Idi Araba, Professor Chris had promised to look into the matter as it concerned their patient.

Last weekend Mayowa’s story went viral when she made a video of herself pleading for funds to save her life. According to her, she needed thirty-two million Naira to save her life and has been able to raise over 6.5 million naira. This prompted Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, to pay Mayowa a visit at LUTH on Monday.

Aimakhu put photos of her and Mayowa on her Instagram account and pleaded with Nigerians to help fund a go fund me account opened for that purpose.

This is Mayowa,” she wrote.

“I don’t know her. I have never met her. The only thing I know about her is that she is my fan. I am an actress and I believe this is the time to use my voice. We need your help.”

However, on Thursday, Aimakhu again posted that there was a fake Go Gund Me account using Mayowa’s case and the public should be aware of this.

“Please to the public this is so so fake, no more gofunds on behalf of Mayowa and whoever is behind this shame on you, pls disregard any information/s about her pls..if you need any info pls kindly get in touch with me pls and will bring more info tonight again, whoever created this acct shame on you again and lastly to all our pastors, alfas and traditionalists and everyone pls she needs our prayers more now pls and im sure God wants to use Mayowa case to let us know we Nigerians love ourselves and we are the best country in the world.”

This development confused many Nigerians as to what to believe anymore.

A snapshot of the Gofund me account that was raised for Mayowa said she was diagnosed with bilateral Ovarian Mass Carcinoma and needed 100, 000 dollars for treatment at Emory International Hospital, Atlanta, USA.

But according to LIB, ‘there’s no letter from Emory Hospital inviting her over. Mayowa does not have a US visa and the cancer has even spread to her liver.’

It also said: ‘Some of Mayowa’s family members are being detained at Area D in Mushin while they investigate.’

But the Ahmed family members on Thursday denied that the SaveMayowa Donation was a scam.

In a statement, they said that the sole purpose the funds were raised was to take Mayowa abroad for proper medical care.

“As a family, we want to make these affirmative statements,” the statement read, noting that some people doubted her surviving her present condition, referring to LIB’s report.

“Mayowa is presently at LUTH receiving treatment for her seven-hour trip to Abu Dhabi. We also engaged the services of Flying Doctors to accompany her on the trip based on recommendation by doctors in LUTH.

“She is receiving treatment to allow her to be able to travel as advised by doctors. She’s been transfused to help improve her PCV.”

“The funds raised are solely for Mayowa’s treatment and for no other reason. We await her visa to commence the journey as we are in touch with the doctors abroad and they are awaiting her arrival. We appreciate the contributions made by Nigerians on this journey. Mayowa will live to tell this story and you shall be one of the audiences by His grace.

“We have been misled by the so-called top hospitals in Nigeria and have only helped to make the issue worse. We require every support to help to give our dear Mayowa another attempt to regain her life and live the remaining as God as ordained.”

In an interview granted to online news platform,, Mayowa’s sister, Mariam Ahmed, said her sister has sickle cell and ovarian cancer and said Linda Ikeji cooked up her story.

“I don’t know why Toyin Aimakhu and Linda Ikeji are saying we are scamming Nigerians,” Mariam said.

“It is a lie. No doctor ever told us my sister cannot survive this. They just told us to do something and take her out of the country. Nigerians, we didn’t scam you ooo. It’s a lie ooo. Linda Ikeji has never been in this story and now, she’s cooking up everything… Right now, my sister is inside the room crying. I don’t know what she (Linda Ikeji) wants us to do. I don’t know what she (Linda Ikeji) wants from us. Please, we don’t know anything about the scam. It is true, my sister has ovarian cancer. At least, we sent the medical report. We posted everything online. You people saw everything. Nobody even asked to put the video. She was just tired. She put the video because she does not want to die. And she posted it online. Now, everything is out. There is nothing we can do but keep praying to God. I don’t know why Linda just cooked up the story. Nobody told us she’s going to die.”

Mayowa’s cousin too, Habeeb Olufoye, in a video obtained by YNaija, thanked everyone that contributed to the Save Mayowa Campaign and said the money has been raised and it is solely for his cousin’s treatment.

“The funds have been raised now,” he said in the video.

“We would not do anything with the money apart from saving her. Regardless of what the stage is, she is our sister. Even if it is at stage one million, we would do anything to try and see if it is possible that she lives.”

He also spoke of how Mayowa is being expected at an Abu Dhabi hospital went to a lot of top hospitals in the country and even Reddington Hospital, where she was diagnosed.

He also disclosed that the family wouldn’t mind committing the handling of the funds to trustees.

“Right now that the issues have been raised, we would get a Trustee and we’re willing to accept any Trustee that can handle the funds so we don’t even have access to the funds. They would disburse the funds on the medical treatment.”

However, amidst the ruckus, Aimakhu has remained silent on social media since Thursday’s dramatic turn of events.

Beyonce Dominates MTV Video Nominations

BeyonceBeyonce on Tuesday led nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards as she basked in acclaim for her intertwined film-album “Lemonade.”

The pop diva was in the running for 11 awards at MTV’s annual extravaganza, which will take place August 28 in New York’s Madison Square Garden, a shift from the more common venue in Los Angeles.

Adele came in second with eight nominations. All but seven were for the chart-topping English balladeer’s “Hello,” which with more than 1.6 billion views is the fifth most watched video ever on YouTube.

“Hello,” filmed by the Canadian director Xavier Dolan, shows Adele on the phone with a younger version of herself and was the first music video created for the high-resolution IMAX format.

“Hello” was in the running for Video of the Year against Beyonce’s “Formation,” the most overtly political work of the former Destiny’s Child singer’s career as she aligned herself with the Black Lives Matter protest movement.

Filmed by Melina Matsoukas, “Formation” at one point shows a row of police officers with their hands in the air and graffiti on a wall that reads, “Stop shooting us.”

The video riled some conservative commentators and law enforcement groups who voiced anger when Beyonce performed the song at the Super Bowl, the most watched television event of the year.

Shot in New Orleans, “Formation” marked a shift in sound by Beyonce to the southern city’s bounce hip-hop scene.

“Formation” was her first single off her album “Lemonade,” which she released in April to accompany a film that she made for HBO.

The album and film are full of references to infidelity as well as forgiveness, drawing speculation that Beyonce’s husband, rap mogul Jay Z, had been unfaithful.

If Beyonce sweeps the awards, she would make MTV history. Peter Gabriel holds the record for the most VMAs in a single night, taking home 10 in 1987 amid a global following for his animation-driven “Sledgehammer.”

– Posthumous nods for Bowie –

Other nominees for Video of the Year included Kanye West’s controversial “Famous,” in which the rapper boasts that pop superstar Taylor Swift may sleep with him and that he made her famous.

Despite her protests over the song, the video features a naked woman in bed with West who resembles Swift as well as nude doppelgangers of other celebrities including Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Also in the running for the top prize were two videos dominated by dancing — rapper Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and pop celebrity Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

Bieber’s “Sorry” is the sixth most watched video ever on YouTube, closely trailing Adele’s “Hello,” which was released on the same day last year.

The late rock icon David Bowie’s video for “Lazarus” took four nominations, although not in the main categories.

Bowie, who embraced music videos as an art form when MTV was in its infancy, released “Lazarus” three days before stunning the world with his death from an unannounced battle with cancer.

The video, in hindsight, was full of foreshadowing of his death with the singer levitating over a hospital bed and retreating into a closet with outfits from his prolific music career.

– ‘Disappointed’ Jonas –

The VMAs have often been more closely watched for incidents at the televised gala than for actual winners, who are determined by fan voting.

At last year’s awards, West vowed to run for president in 2020, although his level of seriousness was unclear.

In one small controversy already this year, Nick Jonas said on Twitter he was “disappointed” he was not nominated for “Closer,” in which he and Swedish singer Tove Lo grope longingly for each other but struggle to connect physically.

But minutes later, the onetime child star tweeted that he would not let himself be bothered by “small stuff.”

“Actually after thinking about it more, there are so many amazing things happening in my life and career. Nine out of 10 boxes are checked.”



September Date For Warri Carnival

Calabar-CarnivalWith preparations towards the maiden edition of the Annual Warri Carnival reaching advance stage, organizers have announced September 28 to October 1 as dates for the five-day cultural event.

Chief promoter and initiator of the carnival, Sunny Nikoro, announced in Lagos that the Carnival is targeted at entrenching Warri as a gateway to the Niger Delta region, and listing it as a tourist destination in Nigeria.

Nikoro noted that the Warri Carnival is being organised to also coincide with the Nation’s 56th Independence Day Anniversary celebration on October 1, this year, and assured that the event which is already attracting tourists’ enquiries from African countries and across the world, will be nurtured to become Africa’s biggest street carnival.

Activities lined up for the five-day event include unveiling of Symbol of Unity, top Artists Performance and Comedy Fair, Carnival Float/Street Parade, Land Boat Regatta, Miss Warri Beauty Pageant, Cultural Dance and Performance, including Carnival Cup 2016 – Football Novelty Match. The match will feature the likes of ex-Nigerian Footballers, Segun Odebgami, Frank Obire, and Henry Nwosu among others who will be playing alongside the Warri Wolves, local team.

Land Regatta will feature the festival that offers a breath taking display of the wealth and artistic splendour of the heritage of the riverine people of Delta State. It provides an opportunity for all riverine communities and dwellers to showcase their dexterity in boat building, decoration, parading, paddling and manoeuvring. The most artistic and creative boat will win a trophy.

Asides the estimated millions of audience which include; Youths and Adults, Captains of Industries, Citizens of Warri, Foreigners, Government agencies & functionaries, Top Nollywood Artistes, Top Comedians and Musicians, the Grand Opening will equally attract dignitaries from across the nation with His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa, rendering the key note address and unveiling the Mascot representing the Symbol of Unity. This will be done amidst colourful display of fireworks being released in the air. Special music performance will be rendered by top Warri local artists with Tony and Emma Grey as main performers among other notable artists.

Koffi Olomide Charged With Assault For Kicking Dancer

koffiStar Congolese rumba singer Koffi Olomide, who was expelled from Kenya at the weekend after allegedly kicking one of his dancers, was charged with assault and battery Tuesday, a judicial source told AFP.

The source, who asked not to be identified, said the 60-year-old musician had been detained prior to an official court hearing “in five days”.

A prison source said he was being held in a VIP cell at the central Makala jail.

Earlier Tuesday, the city’s police chief, General Celestin Kanyama, told AFP Olomide had been arrested at his home early in the morning on “a warrant from the prosecutor who wants to interrogate him”.

Neither Kanyama nor judicial sources explained why prosecutors sought his arrest.

The entertainer, who has recorded 26 albums, was thrown out of Kenya on Saturday where he was due to stage a concert after being filmed on arrival in Nairobi the day before, kicking out and lunging at one of his dancers.

Video footage of the incident has since gone viral.

His lawyer later said he was in fact trying to step in to resolve a dispute between his dancers and that his foot had slipped.

Zambia subsequently cancelled a concert he was due to give in Lusaka.

A Congolese parliamentarian, Zacharie Bababaswe, had filed a complaint against the singer “because it is inadmissible that after this barbaric act against a woman Koffi Olomide be welcomed (in Kinshasa)… like a VIP.

In August 2012, Koffi Olomide was handed a three-month suspended prison sentence for assaulting his producer.