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Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: Not New In Nigeria – Ipaye

Ogun State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Babatunde Ipaye , has refuted the notion that Stevens-Johnson syndrome(SJS) has just been discovered in Nigeria, revealing that the disease was not new in the country but had been in  existence many years ago, even before he graduated as a medical Doctor.

While correcting the impression that the syndrome was new, he called on the public not to panic and seek medical counsel on any strange health development.

Dr. Ipaye said the syndrome which was neither contagious nor transmittable, results from a collection of signs and symptoms that are associated with health related issues.

The Commissioner said he was surprised to read in the dailies that the syndrome was new in Nigeria, cautioning that a thorough research should be carried out before making conclusions on serious health related issues capable of dissuade the public.

“I laughed when I read it in the Paper that Stevens-Johnson is a new disease in Nigeria, there is nothing new about Stevens=Johnson, it’s just a syndrome with particular health related issues. I also want to use this medium to tell Nigerians to do a little bit of more research before concluding on public health issues that may cause panic in the Country”,  Ipaye said.

Dr. Ipaye said the SJS was an extreme case of an allergic body reaction to specific drugs, chemical compounds, medications and food items, saying that it could be likened to the way some people react to chloroquine, septrin and some other drugs or sea foods.

Advising members of the public to seek medical attention on any health related issues, the Commissioner said it was very essential to seek medical counsel before taking medications, warning that self medication could trigger an extreme case of the Syndrome in one’s body if care was not taken.

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