Saraki Cautions Against Neglecting Governance for 2019 Campaigns

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, has cautioned political actors in the executive and legislative arms of government against neglecting governance in the bid to campaign for the 2019 general election.
Speaking while presenting his welcome address on resumption from Christmas/New Year break, Saraki said rather than being distracted, politicians should focus on the work for which they were elected, by the Nigerian people.

“It is my appeal to each and every one of us, that our legislative duty to Nigeria and her people, must be uppermost in our minds. We must not allow the upcoming 2019 elections to overshadow our work for the people that elected us – or distract us from that which we are mandated to do by the constitution and the trust reposed in us by the people.

“This is my appeal: it is too early for 2019 politicking to override the legislative agenda and the larger work of governance. We have begun a good thing with the economic core of our agenda; let us see it to its proper conclusion. It would be most insensitive to the needs of the people of this country if we were to do otherwise. I am directing this appeal not only to us in the chamber but to the National Assembly as a whole, as well as to the executive and indeed all political actors,” Saraki said.

The senate president also decried the hardships experienced by Nigerians during the festive season, where many had to spend endless hours on fuel queues.
While the Senate could not immediately respond to the crises, it is determined to get to the bottom of the cause of the fuel scarcity, Saraki said.

“My own estimation of the fuel scarcity phenomenon is that it is man-made. We thought we had left the problem of fuel queues firmly in the past in this country, but sadly, that appears not to be the case. In any event, there is a problem, and it must be solved. We await the findings of the Investigative Panel on Fuel Scarcity, firm in our resolve that whoever is responsible must pay the price for visiting this needless hardship upon our people,” he added.


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