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Ogun Adopts ‘Road Rapid Solution’ For Sustainable Road Maintenance

road maintenanceThe Managing Director, Ogun State Property and Investment Corporation (OPIC), Mr. Babajide Odusolu, says the new technology “Road Rapid Solution” being adopted by the Corporation will bring sustainable road maintenance  at OPIC Estate, Agbara and its environs.

Odusolu disclosed this while inspecting road constructed with the technology to assess the effectiveness of the new solution that had been used successfully in other parts of the world to combat topographical and serious environmental challenges during raining season.

He explained that the Corporation was not able to effectively tackle road challenges confronting the entire OPIC Estate  covering about 8,000 hectares in the last 30 years due to huge financial implications, saying only about 10 kilometres of asphaltic roads were constructed.

“It is because of huge cost of constructing roads in this axis.  It has been tasking to carry out larger road construction especially when available funds are exhausted we  have to go through the process of aggregating new funds to start construction again, sincerely it is very tasking, “he said.

While commenting on the effectiveness and viability of the new technology, the Managing Director said the Road Rapid Solution was extremely durable, fast, cost effective and time efficient in opening up community roads within a time frame.

A resident of OPIC Estate, Mr. Cyril Orororo, attested to the effectiveness and durability of roads constructed with Road Rapid Solution, saying that the recent road constructed with the solution had solved serious road challenges confronting the entire community.

Orororo added that “I do not fear any longer driving in and out of the estate even when it rains, as there is no more potholes in some of the areas the solution is applied in the estate.’’

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