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Merger Parties Won’t Take New Name – ACN

ACNTHE Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), on Sunday, drew out the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over the reported move by the latter to suspend the registration of the proposed All Progressives Congress (APC), due to pending litigation over the acronym.

The opposition party spokesperson, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, told the Nigerian Tribune that the merging opposition parties would not consider another name as being reportedly suggested by INEC leadership.

In his response to  issues raised by the Nigerian Tribune over the opposition party’s stance in an earlier statement on Sunday, Mohammed said “we won’t be pushed around. Looking for another name is not an option, because there is no basis for such. It is not true that APC has called for an emergency meeting over this. As for being jittery, the leadership remains cool, calm and focused.”

This is just as feelers within the tree opposition parties that formed the APC told the Nigerian Tribune that the 30 days required by INEC law on registration of parties lapsed today, adding that by tomorrow, if INEC failed to issue a statement on its decision, the coalition would assume the status of a new party.

In the statement, the ACN claimed that APC had fulfilled all the condition-precedent for registration, warning INEC of acts that could be interpreted as taking sides.

The statement said the party was still optimistic that the INEC leadership would do the right thing in accordance with the law, despite recent media reports concerning the antics of some negative forces within INEC over APC’s registration.

It, therefore, dismissed as a mere speculation, the report that INEC was planning to write a letter to the proponents of APC to find another name, because of a court case instituted by a political association over the APC acronym.

“We are convinced that INEC has no discernible reason to write such a letter to us. In the first instance, there exists no court injunction anywhere restraining the commission from registering APC. There could be many court cases, but until there is a court order, no one can preempt what a court will do and act on that basis.

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