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Go For HIV Test, Ogun SACA Charges Residents

In an effort to ensure a healthy living among the people, the Ogun State Agency for the Control of AIDs (SACA) has urged its citizens, especially pregnant women, to go for regular medical check up to determine their HIV status in order to reduce the Mother to child Transmission (MTCT).

The Director in charge of the Agency, Dr. Kehinde Fatungase, who gave the charge in a chat with press men in Abeokuta, said HIV remained one of the major global health challenges that could affect even the unborn children when mothers failed to determine their status early. He explained that since the emergence of the epidemic, an estimated 78 million people had become infected globally out of which 35 million people had been reported to have died of AIDs related illness.

Fatungase added that over 25.2million people living with HIV live in sub Sahara Africa, noting that 19 million live in the Eastern part,  while North Africa has about 35.9million as at 2014.

He urged the people who exhibited symptoms such as fever, sore throat, headache, muscles aches, joint pains, swollen glands, skin rashes to immediately go to the State hospital for HIV test, saying that ‘’early discovery of HIV through test is germane to healthy living in fact HIV does not kill rather it is the stigmatisation that kills.’’

He emphasised that the best way of discovering ones status was through medical test and check up, advising people to avoid sharing objects such as, toothbrush, razors, needles and syringes among others with other people as they could be infected.

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