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Trump Rallies On Media, Charlottesville, Foreign Policy


US President Donald Trump held a political rally in Phoenix, Arizona, which is being described as a campaign-style event to drum up support. Trump has held a series of 2020 re-election campaign stops despite only having taken office in January. The event on Tuesday at the Phoenix Convention Center is Trump’s first trip as president to Arizona, which he won in the 2016 election. Phoenix Mayor ... Read More »

US: Missouri Halts Execution Of Marcellus Williams

united state (usa) flag

The US state of Missouri has halted the execution of a man who was scheduled to be put to death on Tuesday for the 1998 murder of a woman after new DNA evidence surfaced supporting his claim to innocence. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens issued a stay of execution on Tuesday for Marcellus Williams, who was sentenced to death in 2001 for killing Lisha Gayle, a ... Read More »

Angolans Vote For President As Dos Santos Retires


Polls have opened in Angola, with millions ready to vote for their first new president in 38 years. Wednesday’s election will see President Jose Eduardo dos Santos quit after nearly four decades in power, with the outgoing leader praised by some of leading the country to recovery after the end of its civil war in 2002, and accused by others of authoritarianism. About 9.3 million ... Read More »

Trump Vows US Will Keep Fighting In Afghanistan

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Charlotte, NC

US President Donald Trump said the United States must continue fighting in Afghanistan to avoid the “predictable and unacceptable” results of a rapid withdrawal from the country where the US has been at war for 16 years. In a prime-time address to the nation on Monday evening – his first as commander-in-chief, Trump said his “original instinct was to pull out”, alluding to his long-expressed ... Read More »

Angola To Elect New President As Dos Santos Retires

angola flag

Angola goes to the polls on Wednesday in a historic election marking the end of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ 38-year reign, with his party set to retain power despite the country’s economic crisis. The MPLA (People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola), which has ruled the country since its 1975 independence from Portugal, is expected to defeat opposition parties that struggle under a repressive ... Read More »

North Korea Vows ‘Merciless Retaliation’ Over Drills

north korea flag

North Korea on Tuesday greeted the start of annual US-South Korean military drills with fiery threats, vowing “merciless retaliation” for exercises Pyongyang claims are an invasion rehearsal. North Korea’s military routinely responds to US-South Korean exercises. Tuesday’s threat came as top US generals, including Harry Harris, the commander of US forces in the Pacific, visited South Korea. Ties between the Koreas are almost always fraught, ... Read More »

ISIL, Taliban joined forces in deadly Afghan attack: UN

united nation

A United Nations investigation has concluded that Taliban and self-proclaimed fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group jointly killed dozens of people in Afghanistan in an early August attack that may have amounted to a “war crime”. UNAMA, the body’s mission in Afghanistan, said late on Sunday that it had “verified allegations” of at least 36 ... Read More »

US University Removes Confederate Statues Amid Furore

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A university in the US state of Texas is removing the statues of four figures tied to the Confederacy from a main area in campus, the school’s president confirmed on Sunday, saying such monuments have become “symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism”. “Last week, the horrific displays of hatred at the University of Virginia and in Charlottesville shocked and saddened the nation,” Greg Fenves, ... Read More »

New Zealand Opposition Leader In Another Sexism Row

new zealand flag

New Zealand’s opposition leader is at the centre of a second sexism row less than one month after taking the reins of the Labour Party. Jacinda Ardern, 37, has almost single-handedly reignited Labour’s chances at a national election in September. But a minority party leader posted on Twitter that Ardern needs to prove she is not “lipstick on a pig”, prompting another outcry following a furore ... Read More »

A Total Eclipse Of The States


Americans are gearing up for a coast-to-coast total eclipse that can be seen within driving range of 200 million people. During the American eclipse of 1854, photography was in its infancy. Back then, William and Frederick Langenheim were among the small number of shutterbugs who captured the event on sheets of silver-plated copper, known as daguerreotypes. On Monday, millions of folks using mobile phones and ... Read More »

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