Ras Kimono sang for political awakening – Shehu Sani reacts to reggae icon’s death

The Senator representing Kaduna Central district, Shehu Sani has joined many Nigerians in mourning the death of legendary reggae artiste, Ras Kimono.

The reggae legend passed away on Sunday morning in Lagos. 

The Kaduna lawmaker, on his Twitter page, said Ras Kimono’s songs were used for political awakening, adding that they were mainly for the poor, and Nigeria.

He applauded the reggae legend for his contirbution to the Nigerian music industry and the field of art in general.

“Ras Kimono; He made an immeasurable contribution in the field of arts. He used music for political awakening.


“He was not a praise singer for the establishment.His songs were for the poor and for his country. Adieu,” Sani tweeted.

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This is Nigeria: MURIC refrains from suing Falz, reveals new strategy

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has announced that it will no longer approach the court to seek the ban of ‘This is Nigeria’ video by Folarin Falana, aka Falz the Bahd Guy.

MURIC had threatened to sue Falz over some “offensive” scenes in the video.

But in a statement on Sunday, MURIC Director, Prof Ishaq Akintola, said in deference to pleas made by well-meaning Nigerians, it resolved to drag the artiste to government agencies saddled with the responsibility of censoring films and videos.

“It is not a U-turn but a sudden change in tactics”, the body said, adding that, “This will have a more enduring impact not only on Falz but the entire entertainment industry. It will also make the agencies sit up to their responsibilities and inject a huge dose of discipline in the music and film industries in general.

“Although he stopped short of apologizing, the artiste has tried to clear himself in published interviews made available to us. According to him, he did not intend to ridicule Muslims. He said his intention was to call attention to the plight of the Chibok girls although we think he has done that the wrong way.

“A scene in the video in which the ‘Chibok girls’ are in pensive mood would have been more representative of the reality on ground because kidnapped girls cannot be dancing like people under the influence of drug. They are in captivity and so they have no cause under the sun for jubilating.

“Again, the Fulanis (Muslims) were painted as killers while Benue militias (Christians) who rustle Fulani cattles and slaughter their wives and children were not featured. This is grossly unfair. Falz should find a way of balancing his video. The kidnappers of the South East (also Christians) were spared while the oil saboteurs of the Niger Delta (Christians too) were ignored. Falz video is loaded with Islamophobia. That video should be titled ‘This is not Nigeria’. It is Islam-bashing. Nigeria’s video regulatory agency should therefore ban the video or ask the artist to edit it properly.

“With this latest development and even before the seven-day ultimatum expires, MURIC is no longer contemplating court action against Falz, neither are we demanding any apology from him or his management. The likely pecuniary gain in the event of a court validation of our claims does not interest us. We are no longer looking at Falz but at a larger picture.

“The courts will only be interested in legalities, judiciability and technicalities but the video board will look beyond all that. Is it professional? Is it balanced? Is it truly representative of our country? Is it morally justifiable? These are what will interest the board and they are in tandem with our thinking. We appreciate artists and our aim is not to punish Falz. He is not a lazy Nigerian youth.


“The matter will now go to those government agencies who are supposed to do their jobs in the first place. Instead of creating media tension and granting cheap popularity, this matter will now be handled by professionals who know what to do.”

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Ras Kimono: Buhari’s aide, Keyamo speak on death of reggae legend

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Personal Assistant on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie has reacted to the passing of legendary Reggae artist, Ras Kimono.

The reggae legend died on Sunday morning in Lagos. 

Ras Kimono, who was known for the hit singles ‘Under pressure’ and ‘We no want,’ was scheduled to travel to the United States, on Saturday night, but complained of not feeling too well.

He was rushed to a hospital in Ikeja, Lagos, then later taken to Lagoon Hospital in the Island.

Reacting to the sad news, the presidential aide took to her Twitter page to write, “Okwudili Okeleke Elumelu. (Ras Kimono) Gone too soon.

“May you find eternal peace, ugoloma Onicha~Olona. Sleep tight, Okogba Ebo nma.”

Similarly, Festus Keyamo (SAN), Director, Strategic Communications of President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2019 Campaign expressed sadness over the death of the reggae legend.

Keyamo took to his Twitter handle writing, “Sincere condolences to the family, friends & fans of Ras Kimono. He came to light up the reggae world in Africa at a time when music lovers needed a breath of fresh air.


“He was a fresh air at the time. It’s sad that it’s when he just began to stage a big comeback that we lost him.”

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BREAKING: Legendary Raggae Artist, Ras Kimono Dies At 60

Nigerian music legend, Ras Kimono is dead. He died on Sunday 10th June aged 60. Ras Kimono who was known for hit songs like ‘We no want’ and ‘“Rum-Bar Stylée” was said to have concluded plans to travel to the United States last night, and he complained of feeling funny. According to reports, the legendary raggae artist was rushed to a hospital in Ikeja, where he was later taken to Lagoon Hospital on the Island where he died.


Actress Dakore Akande Reveals Dreadlocks Struggles

Nollywood veteran actress Dakore Akande has revealed the struggles she went through during the course of her dreadlocks journey. •Dakore Akande, who wore long dreadlocks for 13 years until 2011, opened up during the third edition of the African Hair Summit held in Abuja on Saturday. Akande, who is an envoy of the summit, came into limelight with the 2002 film ‘She Devil’ and currently plays one of the lead characters in hit TV series ‘Fifty’. She revealed that at the time she had the hairstyle, only few other people had the courage to do same, adding that people thought she had mental issues or was possessed with a marine spirit, which were stereotypical for people with dreadlocks. She added that she still went on to carry the hairstyle because she was influenced by the length and beauty of late reggae legend Bob Marley’s hair. Akande said: “People were wondering all sorts of things and wondered if my hair wasn’t dirty. I made sure that I kept it neat and with a nice smell and soon people started warming up to the hair. “Soon, other people started to try it and now natural hair lifestyle is a movement, ” she said. Akande, encouraged participants, especially women, to accept themselves and the uniqueness in being African with the hair textures and skin tones as everyone has the power to influence. “You are an influencer, you influence people. When you do your natural hair, it can inspire the next person. I didn’t know I could inspire anybody to do anything. “I just liked locks and decided to do it. I became the woman who had locks and it made it identified. It differentiated me from everybody else. “When you follow your inner spirit, it’s God pushing you down your path,” she said. She condemned the usual subtle fights between natural hair enthusiasts and processed hair wearers, adding that what one does to the natural hair matters the most. “No fights, let’s stop all the team weaves versus team natural hair fight. Because when you enlighten, you don’t have to discriminate or disrespect other people’s choices,” she said . Akande commended the organisers of the summit, government and other stakeholders for organising the event. She said she was satisfied with the support received by healthy lifestlye movement. The 2018 African Hair Summit featured deliberations on ways to grow the hair economy, role of the government in the beauty industry and natural hair products exhibitions and sales.


I Knew Ubi Franklin Before He Married Lilian Esoro –Tboss

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tokunbo Idowu, popularly known as TBoss, has been questioned for getting too close to Lilian Esoro’s embattled husband, Ubi Franklin.

It has been reported that Franklin and Esoro are finally heading for a divorce after being separated for a while.

When a male follower attacked TBoss during the week for spending time with Franklin, she told him to mind his business. According to the man, she could have waited for Franklin to formally divorce his wife before getting attached.

However, TBoss told Sunday Scoop that she had known Franklin for 16 years, even before meeting Esoro. She said, “I don’t see why I should not respond to people whenever they say rubbish on my page if I feel like doing so. I don’t understand why people are concerned that I was hanging out with my friend.

“I don’t follow blogs; I don’t follow gossips; so, I don’t know what was written online. He is my friend and we didn’t talk about any issues with his wife and I didn’t know if they had divorced or not. I have known Ubi for 16 years, which was before he met his wife. I don’t have to justify anything to anyone.”

The former BBN contestant also insisted that Franklin was already separated before they started hanging out. She said, “I don’t know why people are always on my case. Does it mean I cannot talk to a man without people insinuating I am having an affair with him? I don’t make mean comments about people or throw shades online. I keep my opinions to myself as it will not put food on the next person’s table or change him or her. I don’t even care about what people choose to put on social media. If something goes on my page, it means I want people to see it.”

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Actress, Omotola Ekeinde speaks on being reckless, available to men

Nollywood veteran actress, Omotola Ekeinde, has stated that as beautiful as she was while growing up, she was never available to men.

The actress also said she was not a reckless girl.

Omosexy, as she is fondly called by her fans, made this claim in an Instagram post shared on Wednesday.

According to her, she did not reveal such details before because she thought it was “narcissistic”.

Posting her picture, she wrote, “Never did this cause I thought it was narcissistic but today I will. It’s okay.

“This lady right here… It’s crazy how you sometimes look back and see things differently, isn’t it. You sometimes wish someone showed you then clearly, what you now see today.

“Dear lady in this picture, I don’t know how you did it, but thanks. Thanks for laying a good foundation that I enjoy today. Thanks for being so strong, so resilient, so focused.

“You were young but not reckless, sweet but not available, sometimes confused but never wandered. You had your own battles but fought them with grace and won.


“Even today, when I feel weak, I look at you and draw strength from you. It’s crazy! Thank you.”


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One of my films has five pirated versions — Kelani

Celebrated film-maker, Tunde Kelani, has urged Nigerians to join hand with the government to fight piracy.

Kelani, who is also the Chairman of the Board of the National Film and Video Censors Board, said piracy had almost wrecked the creative industry, adding that he had been a victim of the menace.

The Chairman of Mainframe Productions said this on Sunday when he was hosted by culture-promoting outfit, Yoruba Lakotun.

At the event held at the Ethnic Heritage Centre, Ikoyi Lagos,  as hosted by Olutayo Irantiola, Kelani said, “There is one of the movies of Mainframe Productions that has up to five pirated versions, barrowed across major cities in Nigeria. In fact, some of the versions did not give appropriate credit to Mainframe Productions.

“It is our collective responsibility to fight piracy because it has eaten deep into the creative industry. Many people have gone bankrupt as a result of this menace. We have a movie made in 2014 but we have not been able to release till date due to the fear of piracy.”

He urged Nigerians to desist from purchasing pirated copies of creative works, but buy original ones from credible outlets.

“There are some movies shipped into the country without the authorisation and all of these need to be checked so that the nation does not keep harbouring unapproved visual contents,” he added.

Kelani said Nigerians should be proud of their culture as the beauty of the world is in its diversity.

“My upbringing as a child in Abeokuta, Ogun State, empowered me to have a different worldview – through the camera lens – now being celebrated across the globe. Our culture is beautiful and this is what we can sell to the world. It is ours, we should take pride in that, and our ingenuity will make the world celebrate us.  Our devotion to research and untiring desire for excellence is what set Mainframe Productions apart from the crowd.”

The programme attended by many culture promoters, including the General Manager of Freedom Park, Ms. Iyabo Aboaba, also featured what the organisers called Yoruba spoken poetry — by Yusuf Balogun — and Yoruba entertainment news presented by Adeyeri Olayinka.


Eedris Abdulkareem tackles Obasanjo again

Controversial rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem, has dropped a new song titled Letter To Obasanjo, where he called out the former President, saying he was the ‘problem of Nigeria’.

In the song produced by Mr Lekki, Eedris accused Obasanjo of corruption and killing the people of Odi.

Obasanjo and Eedris first had their face-off in 2004 when the rapper released a song titled Nigeria Jaga Jaga.


Eedris has however vowed to release Nigeria Jaga Jaga (Part 2) in the coming weeks.

In an interview with Linda Ikeji, he said, ‘Obasanjo served as a military president and also a civilian president. He had the opportunity to correct the wrongs.  He was selfish and wanted third term by all means. His administration recorded too many killings and assassinations. He’s very selfish and wanted to rule Nigeria forever.”


I was never a reckless girl – Omotola

Celebrated actress, Omotola Ekeinde, has reflected on her past and said that she was never a reckless girl.

The actress made this known through her social media page, saying she did not reveal such details before because she thought it was “narcissistic”.

She wrote, “Never did this cause I thought it was narcissistic but today I will. It’s okay. This lady right here… It’s crazy how you sometimes look back and see things differently, isn’t it. You sometimes wish someone showed you then clearly, what you now see today.

She stressed that her past laid a solid foundation for her to become what she is today.

“Dear lady in this picture, I don’t know how you did it, but thanks. Thanks for laying a good foundation that I enjoy today. Thanks for being so strong, so resilient, so focused. You were young but not reckless, sweet but not available, sometimes confused but never wandered. You had your own battles but fought them with grace and won. Even today, when I feel weak, I look at you and draw strength from you. It’s crazy! Thank you.”