Alibaba Replies Critics

Recently, Nigeria’s king of comedy, Alleluya Akporobomerere, aka Alibaba, found himself in a somber mood when he took to his Instagram page to condole with the families of slain Nigerian soldiers, especially those who died in the war against insurgency.

Posting a photograph of a soldier in a supplicant mood, the comedy merchant stated that for their sacrifice to fatherland and fellow Nigerians, “their families will know no sorrow.”

He didn’t stop there as he went ahead to chip in a word for those who caused us as a nation to “slip into broke zone, be number 59 on FIFA ranking, can’t pay salaries, dollar rate 240 something, use burglary proof in our houses, use bullet proof cars, pay more for what we should actual pay less for, drive through dark streets, won’t fix roads and as such cause deaths on our roads, causing people to spend their hard earned savings on medical trips to India and elsewhere, can’t pay small salaries of teachers, but can pay huge salaries of legislators and militants, responsible for the sea of unemployed youths flowing through life aimlessly… Whoever you are, you no go die better!!!! Yes go call police!

As it turned out, the message didn’t go down well with some of his Instagram followers who, it appears, have friends among politicians. The reaction of such individuals drew the ire of the comedian.

“So, now you have called me to say you have friends I was referring to in my last prayer post. Please accept my apology for not specifically mentioning their names. I apologize. Please let them send all their names, so that I can properly include their names, so they don’t have to tell you to call me on their behalves! So they can all be included next time. Nonsense,” he wrote in a follow-up post.

He went ahead to recount how he lost his immediate younger brother to cancer “because it was not diagnosed early and when it was, he was told it was not ‘malignant’. And will go away. Indeed he did. He went away, for good, while the Honourable Health Commissioner of the State where he was serving as civil servant, rode around in a 2010 Land Cruiser.”



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